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Articles on Heated Floors

Determining spacing for STEP Warmfloor heating elements

Different floor coverings require different spacing of the STEP Warmfloor heating elements. Find out how you should space your elements before applying your floor covering.

Give yourself the gift of warm floors

Want to install roof melt products from yourself? We've got you covered

Learn how to install's roof melt products on your own.

STEP Warmfloor: an adaptable, flexible resource for electric radiant underfloor heating

Learn about the many uses of STEP Warmfloor.

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Get The Most Out of Your Step Warmfloor System

Get the most out of your STEP Warmfloor heating system by following these easy steps.

Methods Used to Attach Step Warmfloor Heating Elements

STEP Warmfloor heating elements are easy to install. Learn more about the process in this blog.

How to Plan and Lay Out the Low Voltage Wires for Your STEP Warmfloor System

The STEP Warmfloor is one of the easiest electric radiant floor heating systems to install. However, installing the low voltage wires may cause some confusion.

How to Plan Transformer Location for Your Heating System

There are a variety of tips and guidelines to follow when designing the STEPWarmfloor radiant heating system.